Our Networking Services

Simply put, our network engineers design, set up, test and build local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets and other data communications systems. These systems can be configured in many different ways, and can range from simply connecting two PCs in an office to building global information networks.

Making The Network Best For You

Eco Ghana offers comprehensive network consulting, implementation and management services for WAN (Wide Area Network). We have extensive expertise in implementing all sizes of Networks. 

While designing solution, regulatory requirements, scalability, flexibility and the investments already made in hardware and any legacy protocols/infrastructure is taken into consideration in order to reduce the cost.

Wide Area Network

All you need to do is to just let us know what exactly it is that you need.

WAN Servies:

  • Network Audit

  • Network Consulting

  • Network Design

  • Network Optimisation

  • Network Approval

  • Bandwidth Procurement and Management

  • Hardware Procurement

  • Network Integration and Deployment

  • User Training

  • Network Management and Maintenance

  • On Site Support

  • Up Gradation