Our Office Equipments

Eco Ghana offers fast delivery and a fair return policy on all their products with competitive pricing that ensures you will always get what you pay for and more.

Office Equipment

Sales of photocopiers and others:

We also sell brand new copiers as well as slightly used ones with special discount packages for businesses that intend to purchase and pay outright. We offer flexible payment terms for individuals and organisation that want to go on hire purchase.

Repairs and maintenance:

With our repair and maintenace department we make sure that you are fully supported in terms of providing you with all the support you ever need for both sales and after sales. Which means that you can rely completely on us for your regular maintenance and repairs of your copiers and other office equipment.

Thermal Paper Rolls


Thermal paper rolls is the popular products. All thermal paper materials is from the best suppliers in India. You will get the best mix of qualiy and value.

Popular Specifications: 80mm x 80mm(3 1/8”x273ft), 57mm x 57mm (2 1/4”x 120ft), 57mm x 50(2 1/4”x85ft)mm, 57mm x 30mm( 2 1/4”x 30ft). etc..

Basis Weight: 50g/m2, 55g/m2, 58g/m2, 65g/m2, 80g/m2.

Image Color: Black.

Standard Packaing: 50 Rolls or 100 Rolls per box.

Shipping mark: Neutral or your brand.

Our thermal paper rolls meet your various requirements, enough smooth, image clear, and stability of image and printability.

Eco Ghana offer competitive prices, quality products. Any questions, please email us at info@ecoghana.com


Multitouch Screens

Wireless Display & Wireless Touch (New)

Use the G4S with an iStick and AirScreen to setup a conference or presentation completely wirelessly with multi-touch functionality. All content from Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android devices can be wirelessly presented to the screen without the need for any cables. Interactive multi-touch control of all content makes the discussion more interesting and effective. It’s a must-have future technology and product for your conference room.



Waterproof For Free

The patented design of the G4S is waterproof which exceeds the IP64 Waterproof standards at no extra cost. In addition, customization to the IP66 Waterproof (better than IP65 Waterproof) standard is also available.

true waterproof


Thermal Printers

By far the most common type of Receipt Printer, Desktop Receipt Printer come with a variety of options to support any POS system. Thermal and impact models ensure the highest quality print at speeds to keep up with your busiest days. With models that support basic receipt printing, check validation, or slip printing, we have a printer to support any of your POS printing needs.


Cash Drawers

A compact foundation for your POS system integration, the POS-Integrator™ provides a solution to the problem of assembling systems and POS equipment on a Series 100 cash drawer.


Barcode Scanners

Simply connect the bar code scanner to your PC using the USB cable provided, then scan the appropriate UPC code within the instruction manual provided to set your new bar code scanner. This process takes mere minutes and you'll be able to start using you new barcode scanner right away. Also designed with the user in mind, this handheld barcode scanner comes especially shaped to be held and operated comfortably.


Touchscreen Monitors

The monitor as well maybe large compare to others but as it is with a stand it can be adjusted horizontally and vertically to 160 degrees. The screen is collapsible to behave like a tablet so you can draw on it as well. This is great for artists and graphic designers. Why waste time sketching out your ideas on paper and scanning them when you can now sketch directly on to the screen. Owing to the fact that this monitor has several ports, it can be connected to any compatible computer or TV using VGA or HDMI connection.


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